At GDK we pride ourselves on our passion and love for animal health and wellness, paired with the perfectly nurtured care provided by our phenomenal Vets. Dr Heyns and Dr Zöllner with experience in excess of 35 years each. At GDK our work is much more than treating and healing – we understand the unspoken language of you beloved pets. Our Vets are industry-leading with a wide variety of complex orthopedic and soft tissue procedures. We have exceeding experience with primates, great passion and expertise with wildlife and we always welcome small animals. At GDK you can walk through our doors with trust and assurance because we know the value of life.

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Emergencies/After hours: 081 855 0301

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Monday-Friday: 08h00-18h00

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About Groenkloof Dierekliniek

We maintain the highest health care standards but also emphasise the importance of prevention and the healing process.

Our Purpose at Groenkloof

We strive to improve our high quality service and provide exceptional service with exceptional dedication to every client and every patient.

We go the Extra Mile

We go the extra mile and we want our patients to feel at home. For this to be made certain involves good communication between veterinarians and pets owners.


General Pet Consultation

Our veterinarians work on an appointment basis. An appointment system offers you the best possible attention and care by setting aside time spesifically for you and your pet.


8 Faure street, Malmesbury
Contact Number: 022 487 1157


42 Hoofstraat, Riebeek-Kasteel
Contact Number: 082 089 1234

Our vets have a combined experience of 65 years

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