About Us

Our vets have a combined experience of 65 years with extensive experience in small and large animal veterinary services.

As we are ever growing and expanding it is important to us that we add vets to the GDK family who share the same values and work ethic as we do. Our priority is always the best interest of our patients and we strive to make that abundantly clear to pet owners.

GDK goes the extra mile and we want our patients to feel at home.

For this to be made certain involves good communication between veterinarians and pets owners. This will allow the pet owners to make well-informed decisions about their pets health. We maintain the highest health care standards but also emphasise the importance of prevention and the healing process.

Our technology and equipment are the best and latest on the market as we strive to be as effective and efficient as possible in keeping your pets healthy whilst happy.

Meet our Team

Our vets continually undergo SAVA organised educational courses to always be up to date with the latest diseases, treatments and technologies.

Dr NJ Heyns

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Completed my studies in 1987 qualifying as a Veterinary Surgeon. Started my military service 1987 in Askham in the Kalahari as State Veterinarian.

Mainly working with sheep, cattle, camels and game. In July 1989 I joined a mixed practice in Schweizer-Reneke North West. In my 26 years in Schweizer-Reneke I did various dairy farms, stud as well as commercial cattle, sheep, goats, game and of course all small animals. Working in a radius of about 300 kilometres was always a challenge and time-management essential.

On 01 September 2015 it was my privilege to open a brand new practice in Malmesbury Western Cape, Groenkloof Dierekliniek. A member of RUVASA and a founding member of V-Network.

Grew up in the Western Cape and went to school in Bellville.

Dr Fritz Zollner

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After I matriculated I worked as Medical Laboratory Technologist also earning two international diplomas. DIPL- SAiMLT Chem Path and Clin Path.

Qualifying as Veterinary Surgeon in 1986 I started to practice in Bloemfontein at VETOVS Dierekliniek. Mainly working with horses, cattle, small animals and assisting at the zoo. I also visited numerous mixed- as well as horse-practices in the UK, Germany and Austria during 1986-1990. Between April 2004 and March 2006 I worked in Somerset West at Country Dierekliniek and Altena Dierekliniek in Strand.

During April 2006 to March 2018 I worked at Malmesbury Dierehospitaal. Since April 2018 I am proud to be part of Groenkloof Dierekliniek. I am also a member of the SAEVA (horse) group.

Dr Marguerite Aitchison

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Having worked in multiple practices alongside many other vets, I have had the opportunity to learn different approaches and treatment options for a range of conditions.

I have also rendered my services to a diverce group of clients ranging from the SPCA to correctional services and breeders of different dog and cat breeds. This has allowed me to develop empathy and understanding for each individual client’s specific needs and as such I take this into consideration in my approach to each patient I am presented with.

I enjoy soft tissue surgery as well as medicine work-ups and nothing makes me happier than seeing a healthy pet reunited with his/her family.

Adv Leonie Heyns

Practice Manager, Malmesbury, Riebeek-Kasteel & Piketberg

Natascha de Gruchy

Admin Assistant